Episode 11: Andrew Forsthoefel On Becoming a Trustworthy Listener and the Practice of LOVE


Andrew Fosthoefel is the author of the book, Walking to Listen. He’s one of those humans who did a really immense EXPERIMENT, and used his actual LIFE as the medium: At age 23, he set out on a long walk, across the entire United States, “with a backpack, an audio recorder, his copies of Whitman and Rilke, and a sign that read “Walking to Listen.” And that’s what he did. He walked, and listened, and gathered a multitude of insights and deep wisdom along the way.”

I read his book a year ago, and discovered that Andrew’s way of seeing, experiencing, and learning from the world was the perfect medicine to call me back to myself, and re-orient my internal world to WISDOM and love in an even deeper way.

In this episode,  we covered:

Trustworthy listening- what is it?

Relationship to yourself is relationship to the world- we’re all connected

Practice of LOVE- we’re always asking to be loved

Our bodies as a channel to summon the energy we want, as well as inviting us to embody the current experience

You can find Walking to Listen on Amazon, and all the usual places (and I highly recommend that you go do exactly that- find it, and read it. :) <3 )

And you can also listen to Andrew’s podcast and learn more about him on his website, LivingtoListen.com .

I so enjoyed spending the time with him that I did, and I’m genuinely honored to share him with you in this episode!

Shannon Wasie