Alison Ramsay: Asking "What's Your Way Into Feeling Alive?" for Ourselves, Our Bodies, and Even Our Kids


Alison Ramsay is just a delightful soul. :)

You can feel her light and joy the moment you hear her voice. I so enjoyed our conversation.

Alison is a functional medicine health coach living in the BEAUTIFUL New Zealand. She’s got a passion for helping people feel ALIVE, and a holistic approach to finding out: “What’s your way into feeling alive?” and then helping you rise into deeper and fuller health from there.

We touched on being a locavore, saying YES to big dreams, the integration of spirit and body and mind for health, and Alison even shared some tips for helping our KIDS find their fullest vibrancy and health through understanding their own bodies and helping them want to eat healthy food.  (I know, I know- you’re wondering if she’s actually a magician. She just may be…..she just may be…)

It’s a wonderful, fun conversation with some really actionable, inspiring tips for health and wellness as well.

You can find her on Facebook here!

Shannon Wasie