Episode 9: Gillian Pothier On Being Done with Hating Men Forever, and Re-unifying the Masculine & Feminine

Gillian Pothier

Gillian Pothier is a writer and coach around masculine and feminine energetics, and specifically around feminine eros. Her presence is full of power and gentleness at once, and there is so much incredible INTEGRITY in her.  We talked about her incredible way of writing as a literal transfer of energy and discussed one of her most powerful pieces of writing called, A Celebration of Catcalling. She is holding powerful space for the healing between the masculine and feminine. You'll hear her way of beautifully acknowledging and validating the very real traumas that have occurred between these two - between Men and Women-while calling us to the next level, beyond reconciliation, to actually EXALTING one another.

*Gillian asked that we make sure Erica Jade gets proper credit for the beautiful idea that “we cannot give birth to the divine feminine until we exalt the divine masculine”.


A Celebration of Cat-Calling

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