Episode 8: David Hrostoski On Channeling and Creating a Life from the Ease of Who You Are


Okay- if you're curious about channeling, or like going really deep in big picture spirituality- you're going to love this episode.

David is kind and lovely soul, a channel for Burgiel and a teacher of Grounded Spirituality and the Second Paradigm. He and his beautiful partner, Miriam Wagoner (from Episode 2! <3) are co-creating some powerful containers for learning to flow with ease and trust, and creating our lives from fully trusting your true essence and calling.

The world needs exactly you, and David does such a job of offering the FREEDOM to trust that completely!

I LOVE their work, and the way they offer an example of just how possible it really is to create joyful, successful lives and businesses just from being yourself.

You can find them on Facebook, IG, or on www.indivinus.com and www. beingmiriam.com!

Shannon Wasie